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We are a group of photographers. We created PHOTO4US.COM to exhibit our gallery of works. Even though we come from different backgrounds and have different interests in what we capture, we share the love of photography. You'll find that at PHOTO4US.COM, we are a diverse group and offer unique perspectives and subjects.
Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy The Storm Sandy has been very destructive, many sections of New York City were flooded and subways, Laguardia airport and the Holland Tunnel are still flooded! Even many parts of New Jersey are still flooded like Hoboken and Jersey City and some towns along the shore. The Jersey Shore has had the most damage, most of the boardwalks are washed up on the beach and streets or in the ocean.
Governors Island Park, NYC
Governors Island Park, NYC This past summer, Governors Island became a popular venue for EDM fanatics alike. Many music concerts were held at this park which overlooks the New York City skyline. For tourists and visitors looking to set foot on the island, the fastest way to get here is by ferry either from Manhattan or Brooklyn piers. You can also take the en route by bus, it usually takes a bit longer. It’s a great atmosphere ...
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