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We are a group of photographers. We created PHOTO4US.COM to exhibit our gallery of works. Even though we come from different backgrounds and have different interests in what we capture, we share the love of photography. You'll find that at PHOTO4US.COM, we are a diverse group and offer unique perspectives and subjects.
The Beauty of Rust!
The Beauty of Rust!   Every rust is beautiful! The different hues of reddish, orange, and bronze formed on iron when it’s exposed to air results in rust. Here’s a fun photography idea, take a picture of anything rusting or covered in rust. With the use of different lighting, the colors that come out are simply stunning. It also adds that vintage and retro finish to your photographs.The beauty of rust makes ordinary things look ...
Portraits of the Past
Portraits of the Past   Photo4Us would like to share these photos found at a garage sale. I was looking around and came up to this old chest and inside were these photos. Some are dated as early as 1892 and up to 1912. Notice the sepia tone, their clothes and hairstyles. All photos are mounted on card stock and some served as postcards.
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