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We are a group of photographers. We created PHOTO4US.COM to exhibit our gallery of works. Even though we come from different backgrounds and have different interests in what we capture, we share the love of photography. You'll find that at PHOTO4US.COM, we are a diverse group and offer unique perspectives and subjects.
Seaside Heights Water Tower
Seaside Heights Water Tower Seaside Heights is a borough located in Ocean County, New Jersey. Seaside height’s is known to Jersey shore goers. The boardwalk and some pier rides were destroyed due to Hurricane Sandy. These boats shown under the water tower were also damaged during the storm and were placed there for visitors to see.
Ball game at Yankees Stadium
Ball game at Yankees Stadium The Yankees Stadium is located in south Bronx on One East 161st Street, Bronx, NY 10451. From Midtown Manhattan, it takes approximately 25 minutes on the B or D trains. It was an amazing day for baseball and we were lucky to be upgraded and sit behind home plate. The view was awesome from our seats! Game Schedule – July 27th  Yankees Vs Rays
Photo of the Day – Empty Sky Twin Walls
Photo of the Day – Empty Sky Twin Walls The Empty Sky Memorial is located in Liberty State Park, Jersey City.  As the sunset reflects on these two walls, it forms a beautiful aura in between the twin structures.              
Unique Photo Workshops
Unique Photo Workshops Are you interested in taking photography classes? Want to start a new hobbie or improve the quality of your images? Don’t know much about a DSLR camera and want to learn how? Read on…   If you own a DSLR camera already, don’t let it sit there to collect dust! You’ve invested in an expensive camera for a reason, so put it to good use…Go out and take beautiful pictures.
A Focus on Photographers > Philippe Halsman
A Focus on Photographers > Philippe Halsman Philippe Halsman Philippe Halsman (2 May 1906 Liga, Russian Empire– 25 June 1979 New York City) was a Latvian-born American portrait photographer. ( Best known for his surrealist style and sharp contrasts, Halsman captured some unique pieces that challenged his viewers to be comfortable with things out of place and the whimsical. For a while he collaborated with surrealist painter Salvador Dali who he bounced ideas off of.
The Beauty of Rust!
The Beauty of Rust!   Every rust is beautiful! The different hues of reddish, orange, and bronze formed on iron when it’s exposed to air results in rust. Here’s a fun photography idea, take a picture of anything rusting or covered in rust. With the use of different lighting, the colors that come out are simply stunning. It also adds that vintage and retro finish to your photographs.The beauty of rust makes ordinary things look ...
Portraits of the Past
Portraits of the Past   Photo4Us would like to share these photos found at a garage sale. I was looking around and came up to this old chest and inside were these photos. Some are dated as early as 1892 and up to 1912. Notice the sepia tone, their clothes and hairstyles. All photos are mounted on card stock and some served as postcards.
A Focus on Photographers > Alfred Stieglitz
A Focus on Photographers > Alfred Stieglitz   Photo4Us would like to FOCUS on some Legendary Photographers. They have contributed inspiring photographs that have been taken and shared around the world. Some photos you may recognize or have seen in history books or in a lobby somewhere. Read on and see, be motivated! We are!!! Our first FOCUS is on: Alfred Stieglitz Alfred Stieglitz (January 1, 1864 – July 13, 1946) was an American photographer and modern art promoter who was instrumental over his ...
SketchCon 2013
SketchCon 2013 SketchCon 2013 Debut It was a great day for the arts! We were privileged to have shown our work with such talented artists. The quality of artists’ work was phenomenal. We really enjoyed the experience and having the opportunity to network with like minds. Click on the image to view some photos we captured of the event. Hope to see you there next time.
Spring Shooting Ideas
Spring Shooting Ideas Hey Photographers, don’t miss these up-coming events for Spring 2013! National Cherry Blossom Festival 2013 in Washington, DC March 20 – April 14   Photo credit by Photo credit by   Washington D.C., our nation’s capital celebrates the coming of Spring with the National Cherry Blossom Festival! This is an annual event that runs for three weeks. This year it will be held from March 20- April 14, 2013.
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