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We are a group of photographers. We created PHOTO4US.COM to exhibit our gallery of works. Even though we come from different backgrounds and have different interests in what we capture, we share the love of photography. You'll find that at PHOTO4US.COM, we are a diverse group and offer unique perspectives and subjects.

Mary Jane DomingoMJworks

Marketing Event Photographer

Jane is a co-founder of PHOTO4US, social media enthusiast who loves all things about art and photography. She likes attending events of all occasions and meeting new friends. She also loves art shows, music festivals, and relaxing coffee shops.

Leah ValdezLVdesigns

Graphic Designer & Photographer

Leah is a co-founder of PHOTO4US, graphic designer, and web developer who is passionate in the field of arts and media. In her area of expertise, she is a creative thinker who is full of imagination. She also loves to travel and cook in her leisure time.

Lowell MartinLoPro

Editor & Photographer

Lowell loves capturing photos of the city life, sunsets, and people. He likes attending art shows in New York City. He spends his leisure time hanging with friends, working on cars, and ballroom dancing. He is a great salsa dancer!

John HigginsGeoHiggins

Editor & Photographer

John loves capturing photos of meteorites, rocks, and fossils. He’s traveled to many different places like Arizona, California, Mexico, and Morocco. He loves all things about astronomy and one day would be privileged to travel to Outer Space!

Jean RodriguezJRmoments

Editor & Photographer

Jeannie feels there are certain moments in life that have to be captured and shared in order for that moment to keep living. She works with preschoolers in an urban community and exposes their minds to the arts. She enjoys going to the movies, the city, meeting new friends, listening, and dancing to music. Also, loves to try different types of food, coffee, and wine!

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